Tuesday, June 28

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s)- JOIN NOW!

There has never been a better time, then now, to become a CSA customer at one of our drop off sites. As the summer begins and we hit mid-year most are shaping up for bathing suits or getting back into the swing of the New Years resolution they made but did not keep. See, we like you just the way you are, no matter what your wearing, how wide you hips are or if you starting to get that bulge you haven’t had since you eat Top Roman three times a day to save money in college. We here at Dragon Organics still and always will love you just the same. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is more important then what a label on the back of any pair a paints might say. So instead we encourage not only our students but also you, our customer, or hopefully, soon to be customer, to eat foods that make your body smile, try new things, so that you can make healthy choices that you like, and exercise, even if that means taking the stairs and not the elevator. Our job is not to hound you about what you should or should not eat, we are not doctors, our job is to make your choice to eat healthy, organic, locally grown produce an affordable and easy transition because we are farmers who want what is best for our customers.
Eating healthy is not always easy but the path to getting there can be quite the adventure; even as farmers of such great produce we struggle. Nevertheless, we hope that this message encourages you to not only continue eating healthy but also to do so through us, whether that means keeping, renewing, or beginning a CSA subscription, we just want you. If you are interested in renewing or starting a subscription please contact your drop site liaison (Info. located on our blog), and/or Emily Rocci our CSA coordinator at dragonorganics@yahoo.com.